Wygląda na to, że idą duże zmiany w świecie Joomla!. Na oficjalnym forum mamy taki oto post:
After many long hours of grueling debate (not really), the PLT has decided to move forward with adding Bootstrap to Joomla 3.0. The work will require some changes to both JForm and JHTML to provide the most flexibility and not force anyone to just use the Bootstrap classes. It was agreed that we should avoid hardcoding classes and that could be done incrementally if more time is needed for implementation.The only thing left to confirm using Bootstrap is to ensure the licensing is not an issue. The final determination on this will be made by OSM and FSF. If everything checks out on the legal end, we will move full steam ahead with the implementation.Another issue is jQuery. The PLT felt that even if there are legal hamstrings for Bootstrap, adding jQuery to Joomla 3.0 would be a good idea. It opens up a new world of JavaScript features and it would be great to implement MooTools and jQuery consistently in the core instead of having each developer do it their own way. This should lead to a more stable Joomla when using both. The next steps in this area are to establish a formal working group to take this on. More news to come…Thanks to everyone who answered the initial questionnaire and for helping us do our due diligence around this issue.

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